EP030 – Selling After the No

30- SellingAfterTheNo

What happens after a prospect has said they’re not ready to go with your offer?

What happens when they decide to use someone else?

Both myself and John Logar have worked with clients that have previously said no. The challenge is that most consultants and coaches give up at the no and miss out on a load of work.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why clients say no to you.
  • The no pile is your biggest asset.
  • How to nurture clients that aren’t ready yet.
  • Making periodical offers.
  • Building your follow up process.

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2 Responses to EP030 – Selling After the No

  1. do you have different groups with no people in it? like don’t have budget.. don’t wanna work with you… or just a dickhead that is offended by something..

    do you nurturing them all the same or do they all have different cycles?

    • Great question.

      I always tag people based on the conversation we’ve had. Not quite as bluntly as the categories you started.

      I would always push the “don’t have the budget” to find out the real issue though.

      If they don’t have the budget right now, there could be something more important on their list of priorities. What is that, and when should I call back, etc

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