James Schramko Black Box Book

James Schramko is a top internet marketer and someone that i’ve learned a LOT from in the past six months regarding marketing my businesses. He’s launching a new book entitled Black Box. He’s been asking for some feedback on book cover designs which i’ll post here for you…


He also asked his Facebook fans and a mixed response came back. Some thought James’s name was too big on there. Some thought that the subtitle was really important and should be emphasised more.

I personally thought it would be good to play on the theme of survival a bit and introduce elements of danger. So here’s my quick effort over a cup of coffee.

I used yellow and black as these are the colours associated with signs alerting you away from danger, which is what James is doing with the book.



Oh, and here’s another one. Dave Newton says that Red is more emotive. Plus I know James will probably like his face on there.


Please leave your comments below…

  • Harpz Mehmi

    In my opinion an all black cover isn’t very visually appealing, it blends away in a bookshelf. Unless its a image for a book cover but the name of the author is unite large if it was a new book by an author I would easily miss it e cause fist sight is the name and straight away would lead me to thinking iv already hurd of him.

    The title is In my option the main thing to attract a reader to a book. The striking colours and use of typo caught my eye just as I was screwing down the page my first three thoughts were black box, profile & business. The first book cover just left me in confusion with the words “black box”witch could mean anything.

    Visually the Re-design seems a lot more appealing straight to the point with clear indication to what the book is about.

  • http://brentgalloway.me Brent Galloway

    I think your design achieves the same goal for the book, but in a different direction. I personally enjoy the more simplified look you’re going with.

    Redesigning something like this is a great way to get practice and exposure too! :)

  • http://www.aaronjasinski.com Aaron

    I like your text treatment. The cleaner layout is also more powerful and direct. Colors are attention-getting.

  • http://www.lifewithoutedges.net Timothy Holmes

    Hello Chris.
    I think I actually prefer on first glance number one of your book images. Much clearer.