Freelance Designers on Twitter

Many freelance designers are getting work through twitter. In fact I just read an article about a guy i’ve been following called Jacob Cass. Jacob has an awesome blog called Just Creative Design and he really embraces social media, especially Twitter.

Just last week he finalised his new move to a brand new job, meaning he gets to move from Australia to New York. The job offer originated from a twitter direct message. You can read more here.

Anyway, all that to say that using Twitter is a good thing for freelance designers, and here’s a few to connect with:

Jacob Cass

Antonio Carusone

Arron Lock

Brian Hoff

Ilker Yoldas

Graham Smith

Jason Walz

Jeff Fisher

David Airey

Christopher Jones cbryanjones

Sean Hodge

M a r i u s z C i e [ l a

Mike Lane

Vonnie Maddox

Debbie Kemp


If you know any more, please comment below and i’ll add them to the list.

  • Steve Smith

    You missed out Chris Spooner:

  • Teresa Lakes

    3 more


  • Vikas Shukla

    You may like to check ezdia – a search engine that helps freelancers

  • A u d e e

    I came to know your wonderful post from Blog Catalog Graphic Design Group.

    There are lots of freelance designers with great talents and my Twitter followers and whom I follow are mostly designers, such as: @davidairey @cbryanjones @seanHodge and @dotmariusz

    I’m a starter in the freelancing busines. I need to build my own portfolio site soon :) follow me if you like

  • Chris Green

    @A u d e e

    Thanks for those, i’ve added them now.

  • Lindsey Tyner

    I can’t say that I am as great at the social networking as @chrisspooner or @gracesmith, but I’m hoping to get there soon! I’ve been freelancing full time for almost 5 years now.

  • Grace Smith

    Teresa and Lindsey thanks for recommending me!

    Chris this is a good start to the list but there are so many great designers on twitter, you could check out to create a more complete list: OR

    If you want to include me i’m at:

  • Barry Khan

    Hi Chris, cheers again for the link…

  • Michiel Nagtegaal

    Hi Chris,

    Excellent list! But I missed some European influences here, :)

    Some great Dutch Freelance Designers can be found in my follow list on

    Good luck and I wish you all lots of success with graphic design!

  • Vonnie

    Thanks for the list,Chris. I am already following most, but I found a few new ones to follow both on your list and in the comments.

    Another one to add is @mlane. He has great tweets, and is an awesome designer.

    You can follow me too. @VM_DesigNut.

  • Vonnie

    Sorry. Forgot the link.

  • Chris Green

    @Vonnie – Thanks for contributing, i’ve added yours and Mike’s. Can you tell him for me, thanks.

  • agence web

    Thanks for sharing this professional list.

  • Erda Estremera

    One more here, little ol me

  • Doug Peters

    Douglas Peters, here…

  • Nicole Foster

    I’m on twitter too (:

  • Nicholas Nelson

    Here is a current twitter campaign I am running in hopes to generate leads / followers

    @nicholasnelson is giving away a Digital Illustration printed and signed by the artist RT and follow to enter.

    Feel free to comment or join in…

  • Darren
  • webdesignTrey

    Hi Chris, thanks for such a great list. We are on twitter as well.


  • Pete Billings

    Thought I would add my name to the mix.

    Pete Billings

    • Chris Green

      Thank Pete. I’ll do an update soon.

  • Debbie Kemp

    Hey can you add Dragnet Design please? @DragnetDesign

    I have recently (due to demand of clients!) gone freelance. Any help would be greatly appreciated! :-) Thank youuuu!

    • Chris Green

      Hi Debbie

      I’ve added you to the list. If you check the rest of the Freelance Unleashed site, we have a load of free training and also on the Podcasts. If you want to ask any specific questions and get some help, engage with the freelance community on Facebook: