EP021 – Why You Should Charge More (Right Now)

21-charge moreIn this episode we get straight to the point. In order to succeed in business as a consultant, coach or creative, you have to charge more.

We’ve heard all the excuses. “Yeah, but people won’t pay more”, “I just charge by the hour” … etc etc. If that’s your mindset then unfortunately you’ll be finding yourself working far too hard, for far too little money. Most of us have been there.

In this episode we interview Jason Kanigan and get him to reveal his thoughts and strategies on charging more.

You’ll learn about:

  • Finding clients with products you’re proud to promote.
  • Saying no to the wrong types of clients.
  • Getting paid based on results.
  • Getting bigger contracts.

Put simply, charging more changes who you talk to in business. You’ll be working with a different level of business that already understands about investing more money in better solutions.


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  1. Thanks, Chris–great opportunity to help people about the head trash they have around pricing. It’s very common, and pricing is a misunderstood topic. This information will definitely help you feel good about charging more–and KNOW what to charge!

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