EP018 – Picking Up the Phone Made These Guys $70,000

18-picking up the phone made these guys $70,000In this episode, John and I cover how to get clients to make a commitment to working with you.

You’ve done all the hard work. You’ve got a meeting with a potential client. You’ve done your proposal and told them the cost. Then what?

Many people end up sitting and waiting for the client to call back. We go through some strategies in episode 18 to make sure you get clients over the line.


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  1. I listened to this podcast this morning while getting set for the day – I was really inspired to go forth and act upon John’s suggestions of picking up the phone to get business! Its not as though I haven’t heard the advice before, but we seem to take the easy way out and email these days instead of engaging with potential clients voice to voice and face to face. Now more than ever its so important to communicate with the right medium. I was also reminded of the time/cost investment that goes into preparing the initial proposal and how important that is as an aid to understanding the position the client is taking. Thanks for an awesome episode.

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