EP007: I Have My Niche, Now What?

In the last few episodes of the Freelance Unleashed Podcast, we’ve been hearing about the importance of finding a market to target in order to focus your efforts when you get new clients. But then what?

In this interview with John Logan, we’ll look at the next steps from choosing that niche, to rapidly getting new clients in that niche. John is a successful small business owner and shares his wisdom on getting high paying clients.

In this episode you will learn how to:

  • Create a list of potential clients that are on profile for you.
  • Develop multiple methods of contacting and selling to that list.
  • Use a simple whiteboard to create a plan that will work.

Follow along:

John Logar has put together a slideshare workbook to go through this podcast. Use this to make notes and create your plan of action.

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