Effective Networking for Freelancers [part 1]

Freelancers have a variety of networking options available to them. It is all a matter of identifying which networking options are most appropriate for your business and then making the best of them. The end goal is to make sure that the methods used will maximize your prospective client base. In this article, we’re freelancers can utilize their time to best effect at networking events and conferences. Networking is one of the most inexpensive marketing tools that freelancers can take advantage of.

Due to the interpersonal interaction and the rapport that may result during networking sessions, you have opportunity to make a more lasting impression than many of the other forms of marketing such as brochures and posters. Once you manage to break the ice and gain a level of confidence with the potential client and the conversation starts to flow freely it will not be that hard to bring up what you do and how you can both benefit in a business relationship.

Even though many people might not necessarily admit it, lucrative business deals are sealed as much due to the technical ability of the parties involved as they are due to the social and ‘emotional’ connection between the parties. People will not hesitate to give business to someone that they think they can easily relate with. Networking is an efficient way of doing business when one looks at the speed with which it can move you into this kind of trust with your target clients.

If you think about it, most businesses are built through networking even though the entrepreneur might not actually realize that they are networking. It is passing the word round to family and close friends on what it is you are doing that many people are able to land their first significant contracts and build from there. The importance for freelancers is probably more significant than it is for many other types of businesses when you consider that the freelancer fulfils multiple roles that would often be handled by different people in an ordinary business.

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