EP005: How to position yourself as the #1 expert & authority figure in any market you choose to dominate

Back in episode one of the Freelance Unleashed podcast we heard about the importance of finding a niche to target for your business. How it can take you from being stretched trying to find new clients, to people coming to you as the expert.

This is such an important topic for us freelancers to get our heads around. So this week, I got the chance to interview Leo Goykhman. Leo is doing very well focusing his efforts on supplying marketing services to the Chiropractor market.

Leo let me go behind the scenes in his company and spilt the beans on what’s been working for him over the past seven months.

In this episode you will learn how to:

  • Find a market that will pay you good money.
  • Get in front of the decision makers.
  • Become the expert using online and offline techniques.
  • Use recommendations to get new clients.

10 Responses to EP005: How to position yourself as the #1 expert & authority figure in any market you choose to dominate

  1. Well, that was very inspiring. I even found myself applauding when it had finished. Finding a niche is something I have found quite daunting. But I can see the sense in it. This pod cast has given me a lot of food for thought. Thank you.

    • Thanks Jae. Appreciate the applause. Please come back and let us know what you’ve been able to implement based on this.

    • Hey Jae, thank you for your comment, I really appreciate your kind words and had a blast doing it. It took a while to sink into my thick skull to do it the “right way” but when it did, things began to move quickly. Glad you enjoyed the podcast!

  2. Thanks Chris and Leo,

    That was a very informative podcast and I made loads of notes 🙂

    I was particularly interested when you said that you focus entirely on the Chiropractor Niche. This sounds like a great idea, as you can establish authority and leadership etc. in that niche.

    However, I have a burning question which I hope either of you can answer. When you do a great job for a chiropractor, and he or she is delighted with the ROI, it is only natural for them to give you referrals. What happens if a dentist is a referral, and he then gives you referrals who are other dentists and other medical professionals and on and on t goes – until eventually rather than just focusing on the chiropractor niche you are focusing on the whole medical niche?

    In addition, what happens if the dentist’s husband runs say a multi-million dollar aircraft leasing company and needs your help with their internet marketing. He may have a budget of $5k per month.
    Do you turn away any referral who is not a “chiropractor” or do you pass them onto to another offline marketing company.

    Thanks again for the podcast.

    Best regards

    Mark Jerram

  3. A very strong insight into what it takes to build a sustainable business.

    I have personally been struggling with the issue of ‘niche’ selection for some time and have been on and off the fence about it.

    The clarity in this discussion really adds good value to the argument and there is much to take away from this content.

    Thanks to you both, value added for sure.


  4. Hey Mark,

    first of all thank you very much for our kind words, and I’m really happy that you’ve enjoyed the podcast.

    Now, about your question… You’ve asked what I call the GOLDEN question 😉

    Here’s my experience within the past 6 or 7 months- 1st off, when I decided to get into this niche, besides the initial game-plan what I did was I found out what industry has the closest affinity with chiro’s (because some will give referrals, some simply wont because they consider them competition)

    Therefore, my gamplan was to build an infrastructure that would eventually allow me to take all my client testimonials and case studies- ans simply re-do or rebuild what I did in the chiro market.

    As far as referrals go…

    It really depends. If you are starting out as a 1-man-team, the hardest thing to do is to say, “I’m sorry at this point I’m swamped or only work in XXXXX market, but I can refer you to (an affiliate who can help them)

    OR if you have a small team that has been trained well, if you feel that the profit is there, as well as the relationship potential then it’s a very good possibility to take them on. I guess it simply comes down to where in the process are you.

    Recently I’ve had to say no to several projects, because I simply knew they were going to take me off the course that I’m on- Later though, 12-24 months later, I will have the manpower, finances, case studies and experience to not just take on an extra client ‘here or there’ but rather enter a new market and completely DOMINATE IT. Doing it the other way (taking a client outside your niche here or there, will KEEP YOU a “freelancer” forever, rather than a business builder.

    Hope that helps.


    P.S. I’m glad you liked the podcast!

  5. Very informative interview there. Thanks for that. The fact that you revealed the “sticky wicket” from the Facebook PPC to Webinar to three final red-hot prospects and their eventual responses really could save me BIG TIME in trying to get my own offline business off the ground.

    I checked out your site, and got some new ideas from it. I noticed you also mentioned Yanik Silver a few times in the podcast. Any other resources or “gurus” you would recommend for insights on more of the actual working nuts and bolts to providing the value-based services to bring in more business to our chosen niche’s clients?

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