19,000km Intercontinental Fireside Chat

14-fireside chat

We want you to succeed in business. Simple. In this episode, you’ll hear me (Chris Green) and John Logar are chatting from opposite sides of the globe on why Business Unleashed exists. You’ll also hear about where we’re taking this platform to support consultants, creatives and coaches in their ventures.

EP013: How to Get Paid on Time, Every Time

13-getting paid on time

In this episode of Business Unleashed, John and I talk about getting paid on time. This is often a real sticking point for consultants, creatives and coaches. In fact, being owed a ton of money can be the quickest way you’ll fail to keep going. In This Session, You’ll Learn: How to charge a client […]

EP011: Christmas Client Strategy


As I write this, it’s only a couple of weeks until Christmas. So do you slow down like your competition, or do you use this time to get strategic about getting new clients on board before the new year. We’ve got top Australian marketer John Logar on once again (he’s becoming a regular now) to […]

EP010: Networking for Profit – Part 3

The final second part of our series of three podcasts on Networking for Freelancers. If you’re new to this series, it’s best you listen to Part 1 and Part 2 first as they set the context for this final episode. Here we learn what to do once you’ve planned the best events to go to, […]

EP009: Networking for Profit – Part 2


This is the second part of our series of three podcasts on Networking for Profit. Part 1 is here. In this new episodes of the Business Unleashed Podcast, we look at what happens when you get to the networking event. John Logar shares in more detail how he built a networking strategy to gain over […]

EP008: Networking for Profit – Part 1


Networking, when done properly, can be one of the best ways to get new clients. In this new episodes of the Freelance Unleashed Podcast, we look at how you network without wasting time and money. We are joined again by John Logar who shares how he built a networking strategy to gain over $250,000 worth […]

EP007: I Have My Niche, Now What?


In the last few episodes of the Freelance Unleashed Podcast, we’ve been hearing about the importance of finding a market to target in order to focus your efforts when you get new clients. But then what? In this interview with John Logan, we’ll look at the next steps from choosing that niche, to rapidly getting […]

EP006: Technical Skills Will Ruin Your Freelance Business

It’s likely that if you started your own business, you did so because you did something well that people would pay you for. It’s also likely that once people realise they need what you do, you do a great job for them. But what happens when you find out that clients aren’t really paying you […]