EP033 – The Truth About Branding

33- Aaron Pierson

In this episode, I talk to Aaron Pierson on why he thinks that Brand is everything. We uncover Aaron’s three step process of defining your brand, creating your brand and getting emotional impact with your brand. Make sure you give us some feedback in the Business Unleashed Facebook group. In this episode you’ll learn: Branding […]

EP032 – $24,000 From One Hour of Calls


In this episode, John and I cover a strategy he used to get an order around $24,000 from just an hour or so of calls and a follow up. We lay out every step in detail so you can replicate this into your strategies. Make sure you give us some feedback in the Business Unleashed […]

EP031 – Get Paid What You’re Worth

31- Ryan Stewman

Ryan Stewman is known as the Hardcore Closer and he pulls no punches. He’s the founder of Break Free Academy and he’s well known for getting people paid what they’re worth from the marketplace. For many of us, selling was something we had to learn as we went along, so I grill Ryan on how […]

EP030 – Selling After the No

30- SellingAfterTheNo

What happens after a prospect has said they’re not ready to go with your offer? What happens when they decide to use someone else? Both myself and John Logar have worked with clients that have previously said no. The challenge is that most consultants and coaches give up at the no and miss out on […]

EP029 – Adventure, Wealth and Freedom with Tim Conley

29- Tim Conley

Tim Conley is known as one of the top direct response marketing consultants in the startup and online entrepreneurship communities. In this episode of Business Unleashed, Tim tells us how to grow a profitable business you will enjoy and avoid a success that you will hate. In this episode Tim covers: Know what you want […]

EP028 – Building a Design Business with Greg Merrilees

28- Greg Merrillees design agency

This week’s guest is designer and founder of Studio1 Design, Greg Merrilees. Greg takes us through his journey in building a design agency and a t-shirt business. Some of it accidental, all of it creative. In this episode Greg covers: Building trust with people with big lists. To have a friend, you need to be a […]

EP027 – Protect Yourself and Protect Your Business

27- Jeff Hollis

This week’s guest Jeff Hollis helps us understand the most important legal considerations you need to have in our businesses. It’s important that you don’t have any misunderstandings when you’re delivering results and outcomes with your clients. What happens when you outsource the client work and it’s not up to satisfaction? How are you covered? […]

EP026 – The Survey Funnel Formula with Ryan Levesque

26- Ryan Levesque

In this episode of Business Unleashed, John interviews top marketer and ‘Funnel Specialist’ Ryan Levesque. Ryan Levesque generated over 2.8 Million Leads, 175,000 Customers – across 19 different markets, in just the last 23 months alone. Ryan has been called a “conversion genius” by many top marketers and his understanding of the psychology of consumer […]

EP025 – Less Clients, More Profit

25- less clients more profit

It’s our last Business Unleashed episode of 2014. So John Logar and I reflect on the year and recap on the most effective marketing and prospecting strategies that have bought us the best clients and most profit. We cover the top strategies you can steal to build your own referral network that will supply you […]

EP024 – Put on Your Trousers and Pick Up Some Cash

24-put some trousers on

If you’re building a brand, or growing an audience, it’s essential that you get out there and engage with your market. In this episode of Business Unleashed, we share a load of ideas on how to do that intentionally as part of your overall plan to increase your client base. Sometimes, you need to get […]