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EP027 – Protect Yourself and Protect Your Business

This week’s guest Jeff Hollis helps us understand the most important legal considerations you need to have in our businesses. It’s important that you don’t have any misunderstandings when you’re delivering results and outcomes with your clients. What happens when you outsource the client work and it’s not up to satisfaction? How are you covered?… Continue Reading

EP026 – The Survey Funnel Formula with Ryan Levesque

In this episode of Business Unleashed, John interviews top marketer and ‘Funnel Specialist’ Ryan Levesque. Ryan Levesque generated over 2.8 Million Leads, 175,000 Customers – across 19 different markets, in just the last 23 months alone. Ryan has been called a “conversion genius” by many top marketers and his understanding of the psychology of consumer… Continue Reading

EP025 – Less Clients, More Profit

It’s our last Business Unleashed episode of 2014. So John Logar and I reflect on the year and recap on the most effective marketing and prospecting strategies that have bought us the best clients and most profit. We cover the top strategies you can steal to build your own referral network that will supply you… Continue Reading

EP023 – The 7 Figure Sales Plan

There’s two big milestones in the life of an independent business owner is the $10,000 a month mark and then the jump to the $100,000 a month level. In this episode of Business Unleashed, we show you how simple it is to map out and implement a strategy to get to 7 figures a year.… Continue Reading

Anything is Possible and Achievable!

I have a younger brother. He’s bigger than me. He’s not really into business, he’s more of a musician and showman. Oh and he runs and runs and runs. This morning he taught me a massive lesson that we can all take to heart. It’s summarised like this: Anything is Possible and Achievable! And it… Continue Reading

EP022 Fast Track Your Cash Flow

We’ve all been there at some point. Waiting for clients to pay. Waiting for projects to start. Checking that bank balance to see if it’s increasing at all. They key is to do something about it as quick as possible. Cash flow is critical to any business and will probably be the number one thing… Continue Reading

EP021 – Why You Should Charge More (Right Now)

In this episode we get straight to the point. In order to succeed in business as a consultant, coach or creative, you have to charge more. We’ve heard all the excuses. “Yeah, but people won’t pay more”, “I just charge by the hour” … etc etc. If that’s your mindset then unfortunately you’ll be finding… Continue Reading

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